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"'s the best thing I could've ever done for Josiah.
I don't think he'd be where he's at socially or emotionally if I hadn't pursued therapy with you. I think that was a godsend, it as a great connection, best connection for our family."

- Jacqueline DeGaetano
"Thank you for treating me and my family with a lot of love.
..find the appropriate therapy services so you can see the fruits your child is giving. Chantal helped improve my posture... and put me in a walker so I could walk. Thank you for everything!"

- Raul Hernandez
"I didn't know there was a name for what Josh had.
Now seeing him enjoy the things I knew as a kid means the world. The changes I've seen in him and his abilities has been tremendous. Thank you!"

- Cate Chatman
"I'm so thankful for Florida Elks Children's Therapy
Without insurance and nowhere to turn, we can't imagine where we'd be without your genuine love for our daughter. You have our deepest thanks."

- Paula Brendan

Our Program

Florida Elks Children’s Therapy Services provides in-home physical and occupational therapy to Florida children in need of such services. This rehabilitation is necessary to be rendered in the home because of the absence of these services locally or because of the patient being medically infirmed at home. Priority is given to children who do not have ready access to therapy as a result of financial considerations.

Our services focus on child-centered treatment and family education throughout Florida. Our program is based on the premise that skilled therapy services combined with the completion of an individualized home program, exercises and activities designed by the therapist will positively impact children and families. FECTS believes children and their families or caregivers need to be viewed in a holistic manner. Upon receiving the patient application of referral, the therapist will arrange a home visit for evaluation purposes. If the patient is accepted into the program, a regular weekly home visitation schedule is established.

Parents are required to be present so they can carry out treatments between visits by the therapists.





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By the Numbers


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Although FECTS has made considerable gains in helping children and families in need, Florida DCF estimates there are 25,000 kids still awaiting therapy services.