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Meet Our Therapists
FECTS Therapists are employed by the Florida Elks and are licensed to practice by the state of Florida. With 28 mobile units, our therapists treat children throughout the state covering most of its 67 counties.

Elizabeth Maina

Elizabeth Maina

District(s) Served: 

  • Northwest

How long with FECTS: 

  • 20 Years


  • B.S. Occupational Therapy


  • OTR/L


  • Fort Walton Beach, FL

Hobbies/Outside Interests:

  • Cooking, music

Favorite Quote:

  • “Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud.” - Maya Angelou

Favorite Movie:

  • The Lion King

Most Memorable Patient:

  • "K" was born with multiple medical problems - had to have multiple heart surgeries to close abnormal openings, had a pacemaker, need a ventilator for the first 2 years of his life and was given a life expectancy of fewer than 5 years. He was told he would never walk or do anything by himself. Today, he is 10-years-old, walks, feeds himself and attends regular school. He is in 3rd-grade mainstream although he still needs some help with handwriting. He can read do math at almost age appropriate levels. H is a fighter and has taught me never to give up in life no matter what comes my way.