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Meet Our Therapists
FECTS Therapists are employed by the Florida Elks and are licensed to practice by the state of Florida. With 28 mobile units, our therapists treat children throughout the state covering most of its 67 counties.

Chrissy Nathan

Chrissy Nathan

District(s) Served: 

  • Southeast, Southeast Central

How long with FECTS: 

  • 13 Years


  • B.S., Occupational Therapy, Florida A & M University


  • Therapeutic Listening
  • Physical Agent Modalities


  • Altha, FL

Hobbies/Outside Interests:

  • Spending time with my children, beach!

Favorite Quote:

  • “You are enough!"

Favorite Movie:

  • The Adjustment Bureau

Most Memorable Patient:

  • Caleb was a young boy with epilepsy. He was one of the first FECTS patients that I worked with who made huge progress through Sensory Integration treatment. Within a few months of treatment, he began to try new foods and tolerate movements such as swinging and climbing on playgrounds. He was previously unable to do these things. Caleb is one of the many that have had huge success thanks to Occupational Therapy through FECTS.